Dry Skin ผิวแห้ง

Dry skin

“Dry skin”is a common problem, especially in extremely dry weather or cold weather, because the skin cells lose their natural moisture. In the epidermis, it causes the skin to become dry, chapped, flaky and may cause itching and wrinkles easily. People with dry skin should choose to use products that are suitable for this type of skin because dry skin is sensitive to small pores and vulnerable than other skin types. This may cause irritating and allergic

Skincare methods for people with dry skin

Avoid cosmetics that contain fragrances and should not use warm water to wash and clean the skin because warm water will reduce the oil on the face, and it also causes the moisture in the skin to decrease, causing the skin to become drier due to lack of moisture. Moreover, as we get older, oil on the skin cells decreases, and the lack of oil causes skin cells to thin down, get dry easily, aging, and wrinkles. Therefore, it should be rinsed off with clean water at room temperatures, which will be more beneficial to your skin.

How to choose products

To take care of dry skin directly and increase skincare efficiency, reduce the loss of skin moisture, and slow down premature aging, as well as keep the skin moisturized throughout the day.
“FACELABS” provides the right products for people with dry skin that helps your skin clean, bright, moisturized, healthy-looking, and not dry, without skin irritations, as well as allergy-friendly, rich in natural extracts with international standards. It has been certified and tested for allergies by a dermatologist who carried out the test from the first step to the final step in skincare so that your skin will become healthier without skin problems, and it also reduces the root cause of aces.

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