Hypersensitive Skin


Hypersensitive Skin

“Hypersensitive Skin” Sensitive skin presents may also include rashes on dry and oily skin, so it is quite difficult to diagnose skin conditions. As for the causes of sensitive skin, the exact causes cannot be determined, not even in researches; however, “sensitive skin” often reacts to certain substances or ingredients quicker than other types of skin. If chemicals or ingredients harsh on the skin…! Then, it may cause skin irritation easily, as well as rashes, allergies, or acne.

The skin may have an allergic reaction only if the epidermis is damaged and products with strong actions that penetrate through the skin in a deeper layer or dermis layer. Normally, the skin has its own chemical components, bacteria, or stimulants, and creating an antibody may react to chemical components in that product and causes allergies to that chemical substance. For this reason, it is possible to cause allergies in some chemicals for some skin types, while some may not have any allergies because the chemical components in each person’s body are different.
The environment and weather that affect the chemical changes in each person’s body as well, which may cause chemical reactions on the skin. After that, it will result in reactions with ingredients in cosmetic products, causing skin irritation and subsequent allergic reactions.
Sensitive skin will have clear symptoms only when exposed to a stimulus that provokes an allergic reaction, including red skin, itching, burns, and in severe cases, there may be small pustules and even hives sometimes.

How to use the cosmetic safely for those with sensitive skin

  1. Start testing the use of cosmetics one by one around the forearm or wrist at least 2-3 days before actual use, although there are many types when buying.
  2. If there is no irritation or rashes, start testing the second item for another 2-3 days.
  3. In cases of red rashes and itching, find which product causes red rashes and stop using it immediately, then, visit a dermatologist.

Patch Test

“Patch Test” is a method for testing allergy to chemicals that cause skin allergic rashes with touching things in daily life such as cosmetics, perfume, skincare, clothing, metal, jewelry, pollen, insects, dust, smoke, pollution, etc.
If we can test the suspicious product by a test staff bringing the substance that may cause allergy to combine with a substance selected by a doctor, which is expected to be associated with allergic rashes and which is a substance that we often experience in everyday life or is the main ingredient in a cosmetic with a concentration, suitable for testing without side effects.
The test begins with dropping to the substance into Finn Chamber and put the plaster on the upper back because it is the part with the most sensitive reaction to allergies. Try to keep the test area dry after 48 hours before removing the test tape. It can be rinsed off with water, but should not wash with soap in this area. After that, visit a doctor to recheck the results. If the area gets allergic, there may be a red rash or itchy. However, these rashes may be caused by irritation in which if severe allergic reactions occur, the doctor will continue to find treatments. – For those who are not sure whether you are allergic to cosmetics or not. You can easily test yourself first by the Open Test method, applying the product on the forearm every morning and evening after bathing. If a rash occurs within 7-10 days, you should return to the doctor because it shows that there may be allergic reactions.

How to choose products:

Normally, cosmetics will have the standard values ​​of each ingredient, and most will get an allergic test first at every step of production or with only certain basic substances that are at risk of allergic reactions and irritation (dermatological test). Therefore, people with sensitive skin should select products that are gentle to the skin without coloring and fragrance and safer on the skin or make sure that it is a product for “sensitive skin.”

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