Oily Skin


Oily Skin

“Oily Skin”The oily skin condition is caused by the sebaceous glands producing more oil than usual. The cause may be genetic, which will be different for each person.
Oily skin problems are often encountered in teenagers as it is the age in which sex hormones are changing. It will stimulate the sebaceous glands to work more than usual. However, oily skin is not the main cause of acne because the secreted oil will coat the skin to make it look bright, create moisture to the skin, and slow down wrinkles
The main cause of acne is dirt on the face, sweat stains, dust, or cosmetics that are not completely cleaned and then remain on the skin. When mixed with oil on the skin or sweat, it will clog in pores, irritating and inflaming skin, which may also cause acne.

How to take care of oily skin

You should wash your face about 3-4 times a day with a cleansing gel with clear texture, without coloring or fragrance, which is gentle to the skin. You can use a little warm water to wash your face to help dissolve the oil on the face as the warm water can reduce the oiliness of the skin better than cold water. As for wiping the face, use a soft, clean cloth to gently wipe over the face gently to dry, but you should not use a cloth or foam to scrub your face too hard as it will result in the stimulation of oil on facial skin.

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