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🛡 Care – Protect – Restore 🛡

All Skin Sensitivity Issues Can Be Addressed By:

Babie Gradien Soothing Care Cream

A Nourishing Cream for Infants and Children that Alleviates 7 Skin Conditions: Rashes, Irritations, Allergies, Dryness, Burns, Redness and Itchiness.

Packed with 15 Gentle Extracts that Help Strengthen Skin Protective Barrier:

1.Creating a Protective Armor

  • Ceramide-3 (Natural Ceramide) Enhances Skin Barrier which Acts as a Protective Shield and Fortifies Skin Layer, Reducing the Risks of Allergies, Rashes or Irritations Caused by Various Factors such as Skin Allergies, Dust, Mites, Fungi, Pollen, Certain Trees, Pet Fur, Insects, Soaps, Perfumes, Diapers or Different Chemicals.  Thus, Skin is Protected from External Environmental Factors and Pollution.
  • Pseudo-Ceramide (Synthetic Ceramide) Helps Restore Natural Lipid Fats of the Outer Skin Layer and Rejuvenate a Damaged Skin Barrier.  Replenishes and Prevents Skin Moisture Loss, Strengthening Skin Protective Shield and Helps Reduce the Risk of Allergies, Rashes or Irritations from Various Causes such as Skin Allergies, Dust, Mites, Fungi, Pollen, Certain Trees, Pet Fur, Insects, Soaps, Perfumes, Diapers or Different Chemicals.
  • Cholesterol: A Component of Fats in the Outer Skin Layer that Helps Reduce Skin Moisture Loss, Rejuvenating Dry and Coarse Skin, and Enhancing Skin Protective Barrier.
  • Bee Wax (Extracted from Beehive) Coats Skin, Protecting From External Environment and Pollution. Reduces Skin Water Loss, Increases Moisture Levels, Preventing Skin from Cracking or Flaking.

2.Protect and Replenish Moisture

  • Urea, a Natural Moisturizing Factor (NMF), that Maintains Skin Moisture Balance, Helps Rejuvenate Skin for Smoothness, and Protects Against Sunlight and UV Radiation.
  • Shea Butter is High in Stearic Acid, an Essential Component in Boosting Natural Ceramides, which Helps Maintain Long-Lasting Hydration, Rejuvenate Skin Cells and Treat Dry, Cracked and Flaky Skin, Softening and Smoothening Skin Texture.
  • Evening Primrose Oil Delays Skin Water Loss, Reduces Irritation and Rashes, and Promotes a Healthy and Lively Skin Complexion.
  • Macadamia Seed Oil Contains Anti-Oxidant that Stimulates New Skin Cell Production, Balances Sebum Production, Replenishes Moisture for Softer Skin, and Reduces Itchiness and Rashes Caused by Skin Allergies.
  • Imperata Cylindrica Extract (from Cogon Grass) is Rich in Potassium and 3-DMSP (Dimethylsulfopropionate) that Enhances Skin Hydration and Maintains a Balanced Moisture Level for up to 24 Hours.
  • Castor Oil Reduces Water Loss and Maintains Skin Moisture Level for Delicate Skin, Treating Rashes, Red Patches, Diaper Rashes, Skin Irritations and Inflammation, Caring for Smoother and Softener Skin.
  • 3.Reduces Irritation
  • Canadian Willow Herb Extract Reduces Skin Itchiness, Redness and Inflammation with Anti-Oxidants, Fighting Free-Radicals, Protecting Skin from Various Pollutants.
  • Licorice Extract Inhibits Cyclooxygenase Enzyme which Stimulates Skin Inflammation.
  • 4.Antioxidant Properties
  • 3-O-Ethyl Ascorbic Acid (Concentrated Vitamin C), the Best Vitamin C Derivative with High Anti-Oxidant Properties that Promotes Collagen Synthesis, Fading Dark Spots and Skin Patches Caused by Rashes.
  • Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract (From Green Tea) Helps Repair and Moisturize the Skin.
  • Sodium Carboxymethyl Beta Glucan (From Yeast) Forms a Protective Skin Film, Reducing the Effects of Sunlight and UV Radiation and Protecting Skin from Pollutants.
  • Because Baby Skin is Delicate, Let’s “Babie Gradien Soothing Care Cream” Take Care.
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