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FACELABS Facial Cleanser Pure Gel

Pure Facial Cleansing Gel – Gentle Formula for Sensitive Skin, Anti-Irritation, Anti-Acne

  • Deep Facial Cleansing with Amino Acid-Based Surfactant, Enriched with L-Glutamic and Natural Coconut Fatty Acids which are Gentle and Do Not Leave Skin Feeling Tight after Cleansing
  • Control Oiliness and Does Not Clog Pores, the Main Cause of Acne
  • Enhances Natural Hydration (Double Moisturizing Effects), Preserving Moisture on the Face

Free from 6 Chemical Allergens*

  • SLS Free
  • Soap Free
  • Fragrance Free
  • Alcohol Free
  • Paraben Free
  • Color Free


4 Specially Designed Formulations According to Skin Types

FACELABS Facial Cleanser Pure Gel No.0

  • Suitable for Hypersensitive Skin, Allergy- Prone to Dust, Masks or Steroids
  • Cleanses and Soothes Skin without Damaging Protective Skin Barrier and Does Not Contain Substances that Cause Irritation

FACELABS Facial Cleanser Pure Gel No.1

  • Suitable for Dry-Sensitive Skin, Cracked Skin, Lack of Moisture or Hydration
  • Gently Cleanses Skin while Locks in and Replenishs Moisture

FACELABS Facial Cleanser Pure Gel No.2

  • Suitable for Normal/Combination-Sensitive Skin which is Oily around T-Zone Area, Specifically Forehead, Nose and Chin
  • Cleanses and Balances Facial Skin, Maintaining Healthy Moisture

FACELABS Facial Cleanser Pure Gel No.3

  • Suitable for Oily Skin, Acne Skin Issues such as Clogged Pores, Inflammatory Acne, Pustules, and Other Types of Acne
  • Cleanses Impurities Clogged in the Pores and Reduces Excess Oil
  • Can Be Used in Conjunction with Acne Medication without Causing Skin to Dry, Crack or Trigger Acnes
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