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Reduces Perspiration & Suppresses Body Odor… Lasting All Day Long

Key Benefits

DE-SWEAT Film Coated Innovation Forms a Thin Gel Film Covering the Underarm Skin and Sweat Glands, Suppressing Sweat which Reacts to Bacteria on the Skin, which is the Main Cause of Body Odor

Helps Reduce Bacteria Accumulation on the Skin

Dries Quickly, Instantly Protects and Boosts Confidence

Non-sticky, Does Not Leave Yellow Stains on Clothing

Odorless, Does Not Interfere with Natural Body Scent or Fragrance Used

Additional Moisturizer, Giving Skin a Naturally Smooth Appearance

Suitable for All Skin Types, Including Sensitive and Delicate Skin

Antiperspirant Formula was Developed by Dermatologist Experts

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